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Speen Pilates Testimonials


I am very proud of my long standing relationships with my clients. Please have a read of some of their testimonials below.

Tricia Weber

"I really love my Pilates classes with Amanda. If you are looking for a Pilates class, then look no further.

Amanda’s knowledge of exactly how our bodies work is amazing. I recently had a back issue and phoned the Doctor for a referral to an Osteopath but before he rang me back Amanda had already identified the cause. Amanda gave me a series of exercises which solved the problem. The classes take place in a beautiful, purpose-built studio

No more Village Hall classes for me!" - Tricia Weber

Karen Elliot

I’d like to thank Amanda for all her hard work keeping me motivated and strong in body and mind. With her knowledge and compassion she’s encouraged us not to fester but to flourish.

I will be eternally grateful for the time she has spent making each and every class different and enjoyable, also listening to all my ailments and finding brilliant ways to correct them.

Thank you so much Amanda" - Karen Elliott

Glenda Chambers

“Having attended Pilates classes with Amanda for a year and a half I would, without hesitation or reservation, sing her praises and whole heartedly recommend anybody wishing to make their body more comfortable, flexible, well balanced and well prepared to be able to cope with the physical challenges of everyday life and the years ahead as they get older to go to Pilates sessions with her.

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Sarah McCleery

"Any Class where your smile and laughter lines get as good a workout as your quadratus lumborum is a winner for me…!

More seriously, I have loved Amanda’s Pilates classes.

I’ve never had a teacher who has worked so hard to make each class fresh whilst taking care to accommodate and relieve our aging aches and pains.

I feel better informed about my body and better equipped to know how to help it on a day-to-day basis.

I’m definitely stronger as a result of the classes and as a result I’m becoming a more effective and secure horse rider.

Testimonials are sometimes read with a cynical eye but don’t. Amanda is just fab. Highly recommended." Sarah McCleery

Alison Gayler

"I have been attending classes with Amanda for 2 years, I thoroughly enjoy all of them Amanda is a wonderful teacher, truly kind and gentle, ensuring correct position for each exercise, with lots of knowledge and advice. The classes are small, so plenty of attention given to each person.

I have gained greater core strength and my balance is much better now. So pleased I started doing Pilates.

Thanks, Amanda, for keeping us flexible!" - Alison Gayler

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